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As a mortgage brokering business, Ryan Home Loans role is to assist clients to obtain the very best home and/or investment loans to suit your personal circumstances. We have access to many lenders and will simplify the process for you.

We can help whether it is an;

  • Investment Loan to finance your wealth accumulation strategy; or a
  • Debt consolidation strategy to free up cash flow by reducing interest cost and minimising fees;

We are experienced, offer personalised service and will meet you at your home, office or online whichever suits best. We will work with you through the process and most of all, simplify things to save you time.

At Ryan Home Loans we are solutions focussed and will dig deep into your personal circumstances and ask lots of questions to ensure we fully understand your future goals. We will then recommend the most suitable loan or loans to you suit your personal circumstance. Importantly, we will always act in your best interests and make sure you have the lowest possible rate we can offer you with the right structure to make sure you are in control of your finance and financial future with our guidance.

You will find us to be passionate about what we do, and client focussed at, all times. We will spend countless hours researching the product offerings by Australia’s leading lenders and make sure we are always up to date with the latest information in the industry so that we can serve you well.

My Story

” To this day, I thoroughly enjoy helping people reduce their debt and grow their wealth through property investment.  “

Bill Ryan, Director of Ryan Home Loans

Having grown up on a farm, I learnt that to be successful there are three important things you need to be. Firstly, entrepreneurial, secondly focussed and finally, hard working.

My parents had a huge influence on my life, especially my Dad, who always told me, to use my brain rather than my back to make a living. Whilst he loved farming, he encouraged me to study hard, so I didn’t end up becoming a farmer.

Straight after leaving school in 1986, while waiting for Uni to begin, I joined a Bank and quickly realised how much I enjoyed the finance industry. I therefore decided not to go to Uni, where I was intending to become a PE Teacher, and continued on working in the Bank.

In 1989, I transferred to Sydney whilst still working in the Bank to pursue a career in Rugby League. 10 years later, I left the Bank to commence Ryan Home Loans which, from a career prospective, was the best decision I have ever made.

To this day, I thoroughly enjoy helping people reduce their debt and grow their wealth through investment.

Work Life

Over the past 25 years, I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of clients with their home and investment loans via my Mortgage Broking Business – Ryan Home Loans.

Assisting people reduce their debt and grow their wealth through property investment is very satisfying and why I have continued to do this over such a long period of time.

Personal Life

After meeting my wife, Sharon in my hometown of Forbes in 1988, we dated for 4 years prior to getting married in 1992.

We have since been blessed with four beautiful children who are now all grown up and pursuing their own life journeys and careers.

Whenever asked to describe myself, I will always start with “I am a family man”.

I am also a passionate businessman, investor and sports enthusiast who is committed to a life of adventure and personal growth.

Social Life

“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. If that old saying is true, I am a lucky man to be surrounded by some amazing friends who all enjoy fun, time with family, amazing food, and travel.

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